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Dear Sam, try phpBB.

Stinking cold – keeping me up. Decided to check my email real quick before attempting more z’s … Good thing too, the following message was in my incoming mailbox:


I ran across your site in a search and I’m wondering if you can help…

I’m part of a team for [a church in Texas] to enhance their site. I’m looking for inexpensive forum (community) software for members to interact online. Any suggestions?



Sam, it being Christmas, and you being so polite, how does a FREE forum software grab you? If so, try phpBB.

I personally installed this tool for Chuck Holton over at HomeSteadingToday.com. Chuck’s site gets hammered with about 500 posts per day contributed by over 4000 users. To date, HomeSteadingToday.com has successfully implemented phpBB to record about 113819 articles! Best part is, phpBB is free. I’d say give that a look see first, then go over to HotScripts and/or FreshMeat and check out the others.


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