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EasyCMS as a possible solution?

Here’s something I might want to tool around with once I get over that daggumed cold – and the holiday honey-do list (let the married men amongst you understand !-)

EasyCMS – “is a is a Content Management System written in PHP … that allows web developers to generate complete websites from one HTML template and a navigation file written in XML. The content of the generated pages can be edited by another person without any HTML skills.

Hmmm …. that sounds attractive for two reasons. It allows me to install a church CMS w/out the need for a relational database, or the need for those maintaining the site to know HTML.

EasyCMS allows companies to edit and maintain their website without any necessity to call in a developer when there are any changes … For the developer this means he can concentrate on the development of the initial HTML template and does not need to worry when there are any content changes on the page .. EasyCMS can also be used to create clickable models for presentations, as the generated pages do not need EasyCMS to be viewable.

Now the only real question is, what is the difference between their free and “pro” version. There aren’t too many details that would compel me to use the later. None-the-less, I think this is definately a tool to check out to see if the product is as good as their press. Though even if it does only 2/3rds of the things it says it does, it might be the right tool for a small to mid-size church or charity operation.

Yeah, I know, either string up the Christmas lights on the tree or get back in bed. Yes Dear!

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  1. Hmmm. Thanks for the brief review. Looks interesting. I may need to see if it will work for our church site which is seriously lacking in content at the moment that some non html types could be adding for us.