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Dixie Sys 2-for-1 … Again!

In response to my post yesterday about taking a chance with a cheap web host, Dave at b2Blog reminded me that back in October I had mentioned a 2-for-1 special held by Dixie Internet Systems back on October. He “Effective service so far too…

Funny thing was, I meant to add Dixie Internet Systems to the list of sites I mentioned just 2 posts ago. But that’s okay, because it caused me to give them a look and GUESS WHAT? From now until Midnight on New Year’s Eve, 2 for 1 on all Hosting and Reseller accounts ordered!

If you’re running a church web site, I’d suggest giving their $39.50/year plan a look see (while the 2-for-1 special lasts). If you’re running a small blog, their $19.95/year plan may be everything you need – provided your bandwidth doesn’t get blastd by a link from the Instapundit.

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