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Select a Host at your own Risk

I have real reservations about posting this information. The are web hosts that are offering some pretty amazing prices. Problem is, I’ve been burned in the past. NOTHING is as nightmarish as signing up with a host, and everything goes fine for a month and then either the host skips town and/or signs up too many clients. If you’re into horror stories, just go to WebHostingTalk and read the hundreds of unhappy campers who’ve been rook’d and crook’d at some point downline.

That said, I think I will post them just so you can see what’s out there, and for how much. You may not switch hosts, and that’s fine. But at least you might be able to better negotiate what you are getting – or what to look for – even if in the end you pay a bit more for a much better host. Things I look out for are how long they’ve been around, MySQL, SSH, Cron, language/module support for MovableType, PHP/Pear, backups and support, how many accounts per/server. Some of the hosts below may only offer a few of these features. Warning, your mileage may will vary.

REMEMBER – I’m only listing these as an excersize in comparison – not as an endorsement. I personally host with HostAreUs.com. A bit more expensive, but they’re also a lot more responsive than my last host. My friend Chuck Holton, who hosts HomeSteadingToday, a BBS that gets hammered by thousands of hits and messages per day enjoys the reliability of PHPWebHosting. Their control panel stinks, but their reliability and unlimited resources makes up for it. And if for some reason, God said “Thou Shalt Host on an IIS platform” … I think I’d start with a blogs4God member who runs Atl-Connect Internet Services.


  1. Dean–I’m hosting my blog with DixieSys now…you posted their 2-for-1 special last October. Got a 80M site and URL for $35 for a year. Effective service so far too. Would I host something more important there? That would require closer investigation.

  2. Hello? Hosting Matters? That’s who I use, and who the Instapundit happens to use too ;-)


  3. Most don’t advertise it, but many webhosts do offer a non-profit discount if you ask for it. Personal blogs don’t usually count. But, church & organizational websites often do. So, if you’ve made a short list of potential webhosts for your church site, send them each a quick email and ask.

  4. Hi,

    Someone forwarded us this link. Thanks for mentioning us! If you have any specific comments on our control panel please let me know. I’ll see what we can do to improve. Any and all feature requests are welcome! We’ll do our best to make the improvements!