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A Better Display of Long Posts

Sometimes when I’m surfing about, I’ll see an article or technology that I think would make for a good topic – but I don’t have the time to write-up an entire post. So what I do is quickly save the link and some notes about it in a draft article with the intent of coming back to it. This gives me material for a rainy day – or just when I’m inbetween various groups of topics. Last night was just such a time. I decided just for giggles to see which drafts I’ve had around the longest. Most of them wound up in the bit-bucket, but I found one that should have become a full-blown article back in June. Especially as it describes a technology that I need to deploy at both this site, and at blogs4God – whenever I get around to updating them – but I digress.

Have you ever visited a Movabletype-powered blog (or a church web site) where the flow of the content is interrupted with a large, awkward block of text in the midst of a list of numerous entries? (Yeah Dean, every Sunday at blog4God !-) One reason this occurs is because authors don’t want to use Movabletype’s extended entry because of readers’ reticence to visit an archived page – or as in my case, client tools such as w.Bloggar don’t entirely support extended entries.

Enter Aaron Shafovaloff, who by using a very clever combination of DHTML and MovableType template tags, offers A Better Way To Display Extended Entries. The end result is that extended entries are inserted into the text of the document and are made visible by clicking the more button – without leaving the current page.

A technique generic enough that I think you who use CMS and blog tools such as b2, Nucleus and pMachine could employ just as easily.

See? Its true … it does pay to save!

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  1. I’m using a very similar thing on my pMachine blog. The code has been changed around a bit, but it works just the same. If anyone is interested, I’ll be happy to point you to the hack.