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Largo loves Linux more than ever

NewsForge – 09DEC02We’re back in Largo, Florida, checking on advances in the Linux-based network they use to run the city’s computers that we wrote about last year. True to Largo’s “City of Progress” motto, these guys have not been standing still. Now they’re talking about Linux-based terminals in all the city’s police cars. Microsoft has tried — and failed — to bring them into the proprietary fold. And, possibly most important, we have an amazing cost figure that ought to make you ask your local politicians why their IT operations aren’t as efficient as Largo’s.

A year ago, several articles appeared about Largo, FL migrating to Linux to avoid the steep licensing costs associated with Microsoft-based products. I believe that article, and especially the Dec.9, NewsForge follow-up may be of interest to you web servants who are also charge with the other IT needs of your church. One of the surest ways to get down some of the operational costs is to go with Linux.

Not only because of the lack of licensing costs, but also because Linux can run on (slightly) older equipment that can often be sought via donation, or even by a visit to eBay. Compare this to Windows XP needs to run on a 1Gh+ machine with 128Mb of memory. What we’re talking about is the difference between a $2000 brand-spanking new computer that will cost you an additional $250 to $500 in software applications, versus an $800 machine that will cost you nothing in licensing.

So also, the one with the two talents gained two more – Matthew 25:17.

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  1. You wrote:

    “Compare this to Windows XP needs to run on a 1Gh+ machine with 128Mb of memory.”

    Having recently upgraded to a newer system, I’ve upgraded my old Compaq with its AMD K6-2 400 to Windows XP. It works fine with 192MB of RAM, and the program is only a hundred bucks at your local Costco. You can upgrade from Windows 98, and with it you get the stability of the 2000 kernel and a bunch of nifty tools like on-the-fly optimization, which (as you know) most church websites could use.

    BTW: my church site (built by yours, truly) is found at http://www.columbinehills.org/ if you’d like to critique it. It is, of course, a rough draft…but the bulk of changes will be additional pages and departments, not complete revisions.

    Thanks for a great site!