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Hamden/North Haven YMCA

I suppose this is better than some ubiquitous under construction .GIF?

Or did they mean this to be a splash-page with a link or re-direct to the ‘real’ site?

Hmmm. Gathering from the content, I think I was right the first time. Too bad. PHPWebsite is a competent CMS – though it’s recent insistance on including PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR) makes it less ready-to-use for many. But I digress.

At least get something out there content-wise as a real page, then create a beta in another path, port the database when you’re ready. I mean, an organization like this has got to have a flyer or color brochure lying about with pre-fabbed content that can be typed in as articles and such. Then load one set of data into the other:

mysqldump -u<USERNAME> -p<PASSWORD> –opt betasite > betasite.sql
mysql -u<USERNAME> -p<PASSWORD> activesite

Though I’d just probably switch the target database in the production system to aim at the beta system. PHPWebsite makes that pretty easy. Though I’d just modify the config.php file and be done with it.

Gosh, I hope this isn’t a splash page gon horribly wrong.

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