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What the Internet Revolution Means for Youth Ministry
an interview with Quentin Schultze
For youth workers, Internet awareness is of utmost importance-because it’s your students who’re making it so popular. The ‘Net is a way of life for the great majority of them. And succeeding generations will consider the world you and I grew up in-without modems and instant messages-crusty as the Stone Age.

eMinistry by Andrew Careaga
Today’s teenagers are as comfortable surfing through cyberspace as their baby boomer parents are with clicking the TV remote. But the Internet is not television, and the Internet Generation is not accustomed to sitting passively and being told the “truth” — whether from a TV newscast or from the pulpit. Growing up as the first truly digital generation, today’s youths present neww issues for the church to deal with.

e-vangelism.com the official website of author Andrew Careaga
The official Web site of Andrew Careaga, author of the books ‘E-vangelism: Sharing the Gospel in Cyberspace,’ ‘eMinistry: Connecting with the Net Generation,’ and ‘Hooked on the Net: How to Say ‘Goodnight’ When the Party Never Ends.’ Also: articles on Internet evangelism, mailing lists, and Internet evangelism resources.

The Church-Internet (dis)connection by Andrew Careaga
When the Pew Internet and American Life Project reported last December that one in four Americans had logged on in search of spiritual information at one time or another, I suddenly felt less lonely. I knew long before the release of that report that I was not alone in my online spiritual pilgrimage, but it was nice to have this confirmation.

Blogging: Advice for Church Websites by Jordon Cooper
Several months ago I wrote an article in Next-Wave that talked about evangelism and communicating to an increasingly net-literate lifestyle. Since then I downloaded a plethora of e-mail soliciting my opinion on their local church website. Many of those local church sites got posted on jordoncooper.com. Recently I took time to review the list and two things caught my attention. Almost all of them are very well designed but I never found myself being drawn back to check them out very often.

Where have all the designers gone? by Jeffrey Zeldman
Over the past 18 months or so, many of the best practitioners in the industry seem to have given up on the notion that a low-bandwidth, less than cutting-edge site is worth making. Much of the stuff they’ve been making instead has been beautiful and inspiring. But if top designers wash their hands of the rest of the Web, whose hands will build it, and whose minds will guide it? The possibilities are frightening.

Online Evangelism
The Internet has become a powerful tool for us to use in evangelism. These resource pages explain strategies for using it – principles of communication which often apply equally to other forms of outreach too. You can also easily integrate these pages into your own site with a few lines of code.

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