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Are Fads Bad? Exhibit #1 – Googlism

As you know, Friday posts are often on things fun, spurious, humorous or anything else stupidly nonsensical enough to help ‘everybody to take it to the limit‘ of cyber-slacking.

But I also realize I’ve been so techno-dweeby lately with my posts that those of you unable to speak pure geek may be beginning to feel left out. So combining funday-fun with something educational, I’ve decided to aim some of my future Fun Friday posts at online fads.

Why? Well aside from the reasons stated above, I want to discourage you church webmasters from posting fad-based content, unless you’re limiting to the youth section of your website. If you are going to put such content on your Church web site, I’d suggest you post it with a hard deadline as to when it’s coming down. Which usually means finding something else to replace it. If its another fad, the congratulations are in order because you’ve created a virtual maintenance treadmill for yourself (can you say hamsterdance ?)

The other problem with faddish content? Well, it may be funny, but may also say things, express ideas or in represent you or your church in ways that aren’t real, and in some cases could be damaging. Take for example last month’s Fad of the Blogosphere, Googlism – and just for grins, we’ll run my name through it.

Googlism for: dean peters

  • dean peters is the code
  • dean peters is without doubt one of the rising stars of the hard house scene
  • dean peters is resident here too and each month he is joined by special guests eager to play at this crazy sunday morning affair
  • dean peters is strictly prohibited
  • dean peters is not a lawyer
  • dean peters is pleased with the results
  • dean peters is a friend with political aspirations and strong views on humanism
  • dean peters is the geeky greek moderating techblogs
  • dean peters is having a bit of fun at my expense
  • dean peters is 18 and his bro’ dameon
  • dean peters is

Okay, I can see where one might call me “the code” as in “Mean Dean the Coding Machine” … but honestly, the “hard house scene.” I don’t even know what hard-house is. As for eager guests, I wish that were the case for my Sunday school. Okay, I’m not a lawyer, but strictly prohibited? Political aspirations with strong views on HUMANISM? I’m 18 AGAIN … ASAAAAAAHHHHHH! NO No NO!!!

Now obviously, I wouldn’t expect any of you to actually use Googlism content for your church web site, but it is an absurd enough example, at least with regards to “dean peters” to make my point … which in the best imitation of “Johnny Cochran” I can muster “If it is a fad, then it must be bad.“.

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