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Which Perl for Your pC?

As you see, many of my examples are in Perl. I realize this has some of you PHP users sayd “gee wiz Dean, that’s so 1990′s!” I know, but I’m a old-timer who’s very old school and remembers the day when it was a big thing to have a PC equipped with GWBasic (a.k.a. Gee Wiz Basic). Mostly because it allowed me to quickly mock and model programmatic thoughts, and was a neat little tool for extracting data from various files and generating resports.

Well, imagine the same Practicality for data Extraction and Reporting in a more C-like Language? Even today, when writing and app in MS Visual Studio .NET, I sometimes dip into the command line and hack out an idea in Perl before shooting my foot off with some other “real” language. In other words, I can get ideas and rip apart data quickly and efficiently by having Perl installed in my system – even if I do think PHP a better language for dynamic webpages.

Sound like something you want to try? If so, here are number of CPAN/ports that integrate Win32 support. I believe all or most of them are free. I personally use the ActiveState distribution, and have purchased their Perl Development Kit since version 1.2.

One Comment

  1. Perl is NOT “so 1990′s”. Perl is forever. Perl is timeless. Thou shalt not code in any language except Perl, for all the rest are an abomination to Larry Wall…um…nevermind. I use ActiveState Perl on my WinXP laptop, it’s been pretty satisfactory for me…except the PPM (Perl Package Manager) that works with Active State doesn’t seem to support as many modules as the CPAN module does for *nix Perl distros. Severl times recently I’ve had to manually download and install CPAN modules because the PPM couldn’t do the job. Other than that though, it’s been a pretty good experience. That is, if there’s no *nix system available to hack on…