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Scripturizer Plugin for MT

One of the most exciting things about running Heal Your Church Web Site is all the cool techno-Christians I meet along the way. This often occurs after I’ve listed a program or some sample code I’ve written.

Case in point – I received an email last week from Jonathan Fox fox who suggested it might be cool to include my Sermonizer::Scripturizer module into a MovableType plug-in. My reaction? COOOOOOOL … in fact, the only thing I resent about it is that I didn’t think of it first (laugh, that’s a joke!-) .

Last night, he dropped me another note. Its done. Or as he writes:

The “Scripturizer” plugin works with any MT container tag (such as <$MTEntryBody$>). It goes through the text in the container and searches for Scripture references, such as ” John 3:16″, ” Acts 1″, or ” 1 Corinthians 13:1-13″, and converts them into hyperlinks to the appropriate passage(s) on BibleGateway.com. This allows you to write a post containing numerous Scripture references and have them automatically converted so that your readers can click on the hyperlink and read the full passage.

Sound interesting? Visit his site and read on for the dirty details and the downloadable Zip file.

* NOTE * – with Jon’s permission, I’m going to make some modifications to his plug-in. So stay tuned.


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  2. What a cool tool. I just installed it. Thanks for the link and your involvement in developing it.