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Sorry for the non-technical, commentary-type post, but I just couldn’t pass on this idiotic site: Students Against Testing.

Their “Mission Statement” reads “SAT is a nationwide network of young people who resist high stakes standardized testing and support real-life learning.” Hmmm … check out some of the “real life” experiences they boast about on their site:

  • 200 students in Illinois deliberately filled in wrong answers on the English and Math tests in spring of 2000 – ooh, that must have taken some effort
  • East Chapel Hill High School juniors, organized by student government, refused to take a practice exam, leading one student to doodle protest cartoons on the test – future congressman?
  • Of the 290 8th graders in upscale Scarsdale, NY supposed to take the test, only 95 did – Must have been an upscale grammar exam.
  • Annelise Schantz, the valedictorian of her high school class in Hudson, MA, denounced the state’s high stakes test while the governor sat on the stage – Just so long as she didn’t attempt to lead them in prayer…

Like we need more evidence that the inmates are running our post-modern asylum! Did any of these students think that they might have to deal with various tests downline? Jimminy Christmas, of all the stupid causes.

Tests happen. Deal with them.


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  2. thanks for the shout out and witty comment, which actually didnt make any sense. the last time i checked i didnt think that jesus or god supported judging people on how much money their parents could afford to spend getting them tutored so that they could do well on the sats. i also believe that you are supposed to treat others as you would like to be treated, thus perhaps instead of belittling causes that you dont understand, you should attempt to listen. maybe then people might be willing to listen to people like you instead of just dismissing them as ignorant religious freaks.

  3. While I’m not sure I support the methods the students are using to protest, I think it’s wonderful that these students are standing up for themselves. It is well-known that standardized testing, especially high-stakes testing is often highly biased and a relatively ineffective way of assessing overall student ability. The students are not necessarily objecting against ANY testing, but against testing as the measuring stick for everything else. Do the research…what’s happening to our schools because of this issue is frightening. Not to mention that high-stakes testing is not in my experience, in any way a model of real life. When was the last time someone writing a business proposal had one shot at it and got fired if it wasn’t perfect first time out?

    As for Annalise’s speech, if I may be candid, I think it took incredible balls to get up there and do it, and if I were her mother I’d be pretty darn proud of her for standing up for what she believes in. It amazes me that someone who is obviously a successful “product of the system” is smart enough to see right through it. Normally those who conform well–those for whom the system works–don’t manage that much for a long time.