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PureMessage 3.0 == PermMX

As many of you know, I prefer to do my church web work on the Linux/Apache server platform. That said, my gainful employer prefer I do my work on the Microsoft/IIS server platform because that’s the way the client likes it. And after much begging and pleading, they gave me one non-ASP language of my choosing. I went with Perl because of my ability to update the libraries without too many sacrifices at the alter (don’t worry BG, I’m still doing alot of .NET). Much of this is because of the solid implementation of Perl provided by the good folks at ActiveState.

I’ll talk more about their Programmer’s Toolkit and other cool stuff, but for now, I want to bring your attention to a product of their named PureMessage; formerly known as PerlMX. Essentially through a combination of heuristics, spam directories, and spam signatures they claim they can knock down 98% of your spam. It also has anti-virus protection from McAfee built in along with interfaces and an API to make it fit like a glove to your enterprise.

Who would use this? Those of you running a large IT operation out of your mega-church are probably the only one’s who could budget for such a server-side spam slaying product. For the rest of us, there are less expensive tools such as SpamAssassin available – and for those who can’t put tools on their server, there is MailWasher.

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