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The International Children’s Digital Library

We’ve talked alot about compelling content for adults. Well here’s something for the kiddies. It would have to be off-site from your church web site, but it might be a link worth noting.

The International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL) is a 5-year research project to develop innovative software and a collection of books that specifically address the needs of children as readers. Interdisciplinary researchers from computer science, library studies, education, art, and psychology are working together with children to design this new library.

With participants from around the world, the ICDL is building an international collection that reflects both the diversity and quality of children’s literature. Currently, the collection includes materials donated from 27 cultures in 15 languages.

As the second part of their 3 phase plan, ICDL recently (November 2002) launched a prototype using the interface designed by the University of Maryland. This prototype will include over 200 books in total: books selected and digitized by The Library of Congress, books selected by international librarians as well as new material from publishers and authors.

Be aware, the ICDL is a Java program. In order to run ICDL, you will need to have the Java Virtual Machine installed on your computer. Moreover, some books are only available in the Acrobate eBook Reader format.

You can visit the site’s FAQ page for more gory details. PLEASE NOTE – By summer of 2003 the ICDL plans to offer a version of ICDL with minimal technical requirements that will run on any Internet-enabled computer.

My daughter turns three in 9 days. Just about enough time to get the Java Runtime installed on my wife’s machine. Besides, I’m getting tired of her always wanting to visit the BBC Teletubbies Site. She likes that better than the PBS offering … both drive me crazy … but not nearly as crazy as that evil Wiggles video we checked out from the library.

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