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User Friendly URL Resources v.01

It is clear to me that we’re on the right track to resolving the URL issues when attempting to tweak MovableType or pMachine to serve as our CMS. Here are some more useful resources I’ll be referring to.

adaptive path » publications » essay for november 12, 2002
User-Centered URL Design by Jesse James Garrett – Consider the humble URL. In a few short years it’s become so ubiquitous as to be rendered invisible. It’s hard to imagine a world without it, and it’s hard to remember that there was once a time when not having a uniform means of locating resources was considered a fundamental stumbling block to the deployment of any large-scale hypertext system %u2014 never mind a world-wide one.

Column Two: Human-readable URLs
Human-readable URLs – I’ve always been a believer in human readable URLS (“/products/xyz” instead of “page.asp?id=236″), and this was only strengthened by the article by Jesse James Garrett recently. This is not just a usability problem however.

MKDoc : Features : Human Readable Web Addresses
Human Readable Web Addresses – MKDoc has been designed to generate web sites that have human readable, usable, and recognisable addresses.Web addresses should be easy to read out to someone on the phone without causing confusion.

Jon Udell: The name game
The name game – Naming is a deep, mysterious, powerful, and problematic subject. Of course it stinks if your CMS prevents you from assigning names, but even when you exercise full control over a namespace, it’s hard to make best use of that freedom. In fact, the freedom to assign names can be a terrible burden.

Human-readable URLs – I’ve always been a big believer in legible URLs. There’s nothing more annoying than a URL that stretches into hundreds of characters — ever tried to email one of those to a mail client that wraps at 76 characters? Additionally, I’ve written before about the need to support URL hacking … When I wrote Vikings.com …

How to make URLs user-friendly (theory, March 5, 2001)
Adam Baker’s theory column for March 5, 2001 – One of the worst elements of the web from a user interface standpoint is the URL. However, if they’re short, logical, and self-correcting, URLs can be acceptably usable.

Hypertext Style: Cool URIs don’t change.

  • What makes a cool URI?
  • A cool URI is one which does not change.
  • What sorts of URI change?
  • URIs don’t change: people change them.

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  1. I’ve yet to read any researc that convinces me that normal, non-web-geek people read URLs and try to infer anything about the site from them. My stance is that if you can easily accomodate readable URLs’ great, otherwise spend that time on a good site structure and navigation.