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dynamicobjects spaces

I know, I know, everyone in your office is happy with Outlook … until you have to deal with Microsoft’s new licensing model … especially for those using Microsoft Office XP. Not that these are bad products, but they can be a real financial burden to ethically-sound church offices who practice what they preach in making sure every application on every computer in the church office has a legitimate license.

Add to that the need to maintain common calendars, schedules and documents across the various individuals and groups within your charitable organization and I can understand why you’re happy with Outlook. But what happens when you want to transition to Linux? Or how about that MacIntosh at home? And wouldn’t it make more sense to spend those bucks elsewhere if you could?

Got your interest? Rolling your eyes and lamenting … gee whiz Dean, not another email/personal information management application. Well, yes another software, but no, not your run of the mill Email/PIM software. At least, that’s how the webpage for ‘dynamicobject spaces‘ states. It claims that ‘spaces’ is qualitatively different. That while sharing many features standard software like Evolution (Linux) or Outlook (Windows), spaces distinguishes itself – and take note because this is a biggie for those of supporting the operation of your church or charity organization – because “it abstractions over information management are designed to simplify organization and access to information and for collaboration from the ground up.” Of equal importance, spaces runs on any platform that supports Java 2 (version 1.4 and above), which includes Macintosh, Windows, Linux, Solaris, and other UNIX variants.

Sounds to me like a nice compliment application to Open Office if you ask me. Lycoris anyone?

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