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Scot Hacker is Nobody’s Fool

I realize with the election and all, last week seems sooo long ago. Still, I need you to clear the cobwebs from your eyes and think back to our discussion on “Proof of Concept” discussion where I debated engineering pMachine to serve as a CMS for the upcoming Redland Baptist makeover, which was followed the next day by a lively debate over “Backend Systems.” Then, after some problems with my host provider’s version of PHP, and considering what with I’m already familiar, I announced that I would tweak MovableType as my backend CMS-like tool for RBC (a post which included my short cuts to installing MT).

Well guess what. We’re not alone. Here is the first few lines from the first paragraph from an article at O’ReillyNet.com by Scot Hacker entitled “Fooling Movable Type

I’ve fallen in love with Movable Type over the past few months, using it both for my personal weblog and for the J-School’s not-yet-public Intellectual Property Weblog. The deeper I dig into the software, the more I realize how flexible it is, and ways it can be coaxed and cajoled into resembling a Content Management System ..

Sorta says it all folks doesn’t it?

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