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w.bloggar 3.0 released!

If you haven’t visited wbloggar.com recently, I suggest you drop what you’re blogging and surf on over for the newest release of w.bloggar v3.00. As you might suspect, I’ve already been there and have installed Marcello’s latest and greatest creation. In fact, I’m blogging with it right now! In fact, I’m so impressed, I think I might paypal him a buck or twenty for the excellent effort.

While it does mean you’re using a client-based application to perform a task you could just as easily execute with your browser, there are some advantages to w.bloggar that could, in fact will make blogging by yourself … and church staff a bit easier. For example, by working with a client-side application, there are some features, such as spell checking, or the ability to define multiple blogs, support for proxies and https that can save some bandwidth, provide some security and generally save your sanity when dealing with buggy browsers.

Here are a list of some of the new features you find useful:

  • Title and Category fields on blogs that supports these features
  • Spell Checking (use the toolbar icon first)
  • File and Image upload
  • Custom Tags menu with ShortCut keys
  • Support to MetaWeblog API, MovableType API and b2 API
  • Toolbar Icons Skin Configuration
  • Font Color Button
  • Option to disable MessageBox on successfull posting (Silent Post)
  • Option to Delete several posts on Recent Posts window
  • Options to rename and delete accounts on Login Window
  • Support to the Windows XP appearance and controls
  • Two new Help menu options, a link to the FAQ and another to donations;
  • New field on Add Link window to type the text that will be placed between the tags and
  • New field on Add Image window to set the border width;
  • Option to set the post width on Preview
  • When the user clicks to open a Template will get an alert box if there are any non-saved changes on the current editing text;
  • Treatment to the Tab key during post edit, and a new option on Settings window to set how many spaces the key will add;
  • The file extension .post is associated with w.bloggar;
  • Is possible to choose the file that saves the draft post;
  • Is possible to choose the file with a default post;
  • An option to uninstall all settings saved on windows registry. To activate just pass the command line parameter “-uninstall”. This option is auto-runned on w.bloggar uninstallation;
  • Implemented the Save & Publish template button to Blogger.com accounts;
  • Created a button/menu option to insert the “Blockquote” tag with the shortcut key set to [Ctrl+J];

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