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MS Office == XML

For those of you who have read The Book, and all of my faithful should have chapter 14 memorized by now, you see there is talk of how XML is going to shape the future of the internet.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. XML, “… nah, none of that fancy-stuff for me. Our site works very well with some deprecated HTML thank you very much. And I can understand that sentiment considering the hype XML is getting. But some of this hype is butressed with substance.

About two years ago, I suggested our church office avoid locking themselves down with various publishing and office suite products that weren’t forward-thinking enough to include XML. A point appearently made prophetic now that the newly XML-enabled version of Microsoft Office, code-named “Office 11,” is in its first official beta release.

Still don’t see the significance to your situation? Here let me help with this link to the Christian Classics Ethereal Library and suggest to you to start rethinking your newsletters, sermons and dicipleship data online.

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  1. XML must be powerful. Everytime I try to read about it, my mind goes to mush!