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Sunday Sermonette: Confessions of a Netaholic

The following scene from some of OUR lives comes from Andrew Careaga’s new book – About “Hooked on the Net” — Internet addiction resources:

Hi. My name’s Andrew, and I’m a Netaholic.
It’s been five minutes since my last e-mail fix. Although I’m now logged off from the Internet and busily working on this text, still the Net’s siren song beckons. Softly and tenderly, e-mail is calling. In my gut I know the in-box holds nothing that can’t wait until later. Still, it draws me to its promise. Its promise — of what? A note from an old and distant friend, perhaps? Adulation from a reader? (A rare occurrence indeed.) Breaking news? Inspiring commentary? A special offer? A computer virus? Spam? A recycled joke — not even a funny one — from someone whose idea of staying in touch means punching the “send to all” command, forwarding stale jokes and urban legends (stolen kidneys, money from Microsoft, the infamous Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe) to in-boxes everywhere?

Hmmm. Sound too close to home for some of us? But honestly, how many of you are late to work or church because you just had to be the first to blog about a new book because your referrer logs indicate someone major media outlet like Weblog Central has linked-you up?

If your favorite pick-up line is “yo baby, what’s your domain name?” if you get the irritable and moody when your DSL goes down, or if you’re answering the question “Where do you want to go today” with a boil on you butt and bifocals because you’re fingers do more walking than the rest of you, then I suggest spending some time offline with a hardcopy of Andrew’s manual on managing internet addiction.

What’s that you say … you can quit anytime you want?

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