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Dixie Internet Systems 2 for 1 Blowout

More than once, I have preached that we need to GET REAL! That is, considering the low cost of obtaining a domain name these days (I prefer GoDaddy.com at $8.95), and the ever plummeting prices offered by host providers, there is no excuse for hosting your church’s web site on Tripod/Lycos or AOL. I mean what does an indiscriminate ad for a casino and an email address from DiscoMan123@hotmial.com tell potential visitors?

Well today, I happened to cruise by Dixie Internet Systems and found that they were running a not-so-evil Halloween 2 for 1 sale. That is, for $19.95 A YEAR you can run a site with 80meg and 10 emails – or two with 40/5 each. Either way, this is one treat that should to the trick!

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  1. If you’re looking for an even better value check out http://www.valuablehost.com/hosting.html. Happened across this the other day looking for the seemingly now defunct Delaware Linux Users Group. (The owner used to run the DeLUG). But a hosting plan with 100MB storage and 1GB transfer for $5 a month…you can’t beat that with a stick. But to add to the value: Unlimited domain names, subdomains, and email accounts. FP extensions (for those who really have to), mailing lists, PHP4, CGI-BIN, Perl, SSI, MySQL, webmail and webstats. For another $10 a month you get all that and 500MB storage and 5GB transfer plus SSH access, ASP, and a static IP address. Plus there is no setup fee. Check it out and compare.