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Loco Local Paper Part Deux

I’ll offer some “Friday Fun” a bit later today. Right now, I’m a bit mad and need to vent some personal opinions. I’ve got some giggles lined-up for lunch-time (EST).

When the shooting started, I commented on a local newspaper who shut their doors to the public, requiring paid registration. Which I don’t have a problem with, provided such a periodical offers something in the way of compelling community content (like the Gazette or Metro Section of the Post).

So here my neighborhood goes through the most traumatic experience I can remember in 40 years, and here is the type of “community content” this paper offers:

Sniper arrests spook Muslims: Muslims prepare for backlash of bias

This is the same type of political hogwash that has relegated this paper to the bottom of the reading rung over the past ten or so years. More than ever, we as a community need to come together. Instead this paper attempts to multiply readership by manufactoring an angle by ginning-up division.

This area is well-known for its diversity. To accuse us of projected bigotry, after we have all we have just been through, after we have all had to come together to deal with this, is as mercenary as selling indulgences for the dead!

In spite of this pitiful attempt to sell dead trees, the rest of us living here in Aspen Hill, we’re enjoying each other’s company again, talking to each other at the gas pumps, then a short jaunt to the NorthGate Shopping center to enjoy the excellent produce at the Super Fresh after taking our kiddies to the TrainRunner display.

Too bad it took this to get ourselves together like this. Too bad it probably won’t last. But I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

As for who did the shooting. I think my Dad got it right back about 10 days or so when he suspected it was two persons having a contest. One would shoot, the other would drive. They’d take turns.

One Comment

  1. Great to hear things are getting back to normal and that your community is interacting more as a result. Wouldn’t it be great if people kept talking to each other? Guess that’s what it’s like in a small town.

    Glad you’re all ok.