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Jonah Sweeps Away Madonna

Have I got a fish tail for you!

If you had a choice between an animated asparagus teaching a Sunday school lesson produced by a realtively small, and up until recently, financially strapped studio from Chicago, or a big Hollywood conglomerate with a big league director and starring a larger-than-life blonde pop-star in a bikini, which would you choose?

First, consider the hype, ballyhoo and (free) media attention given to Madonna’s swept away. Yet with all of Hollywood’s fauning over this ‘Whore of Babylon,’ the film has only grossed slightly less than half a million dollars.

Compare this to a relatively unheralded animated flick entitled Johah: A Veggie Tales Movie, which in its first week grossed 12 times more than the aforementioned shipwreck (that’s $6mil kiddies). Not bad for film that only could afford to open in theatres located in the South and Midwest.

My point?! Remember folks, image is nothing, compelling content is everything!

P.S. Yes it is in now Rockville. Anyone want to ‘blogs4god.MEETUP.com‘ with me?-)


  1. I came to see the “unchristian gloating” that the Instapundit mentions.


    I’d appreciate knowing what’s “unchristian” about this post.

  2. The good professor is just throwing some good natured ribbing my way.

    I emailed him stating “I shouldn’t gloat … but I can’t help myself … ”

    An inside joke … pls. laugh along with me!

  3. I went to see Jonah last week with my daughter and was a little disappointed, despite finding great moments here and there. The problem, IMHO, is that what works well in a half-hour cartoon doesn’t scale to a 90 minute feature. There’s a reason we don’t run Sunday school for an hour and a half.

  4. Thanks, I get it. I do need to laugh more.

  5. That will teach the western world not to underestimate an Animated Asparagus!

  6. “Whore of Babylon.” Humpf! We had better whores of Babylon in MY day.

  7. Thought you could use a laugh and a praise.
    Larry Boy beting Madonna!


  8. I went to see Jonah with my son when it first came out. It was an enjoyable movie and the one thing I especially noticed was the fact that when it was done, there was applause in the theater. When is the last time you went to a movie and the crowed applauded? I guess 90-minute veggie tales work after all.

  9. Anyone who complains about having to watch a bible story for 90 minutes sure doesn’t love the Lord very much, do they? Maybe an eternity in Heaven will be too much for them too?