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Sam Spade for Windows

One of my favorite spam fighting tools is Sam Spade for Windows. It has a lot of neat features such as ping, traceroute and a bunch of other geeky IP stuff. But one of my favorite features is the smart paste, where I can cut a routing header from my mail program and then paste it – automagically causing the app. to generated a report that looks like this – well actually the actual report generated quite a bit more, but here are some gory details:

Received: from smtp1.localhost ([]) by
reconnnt1.localhost with SMTP (Microsoft Exchange Internet
Mail Service Version 5.5.2653.13) id 4QL426JK; Tue, 15 Oct
2002 14:56:43 -0400
This received header was added by your mailserver
reconnnt1.localhost received this from smtp1.localhost
(IP addresses match)

Received: from mail1.savingsengine.com ([])
by with InterScan Messaging Security Suite
for SMTP; Tue, 15 Oct 2002 14:56:41 -0400 received this from someone claiming
to be mail1.savingsengine.com
but really from rDNS)
All headers below may be forged

Received: by mail1.savingsengine.com (PowerMTA(TM) v1.5);
Tue, 15 Oct 2002 15:08:23 -0400 (envelope-from
mail1.savingsengine.com received this, but doesn’t tell us
where from.
(Without a from parameter it’s hard to verify later
received headers. Treat with caution)

From: “DentalPlans.com” <DentalPlans.com@savingsengine.com>
To: ABUSE@localhost
Reply-to: mailings@savingsengine.com
Subject: Quality, Affordable, Dental Care for you and your

There are a couple of important things that come out of this report. First is that it appears to be routed through a Chicago-based interest called savingsengine.com. Which means it could be that DentalPlans.com has hired a service that could potentially get them on any variety of blocking lists.

So I called the good folks at DentalPlans.com (1-888-632-5353) and ask them why I got spammed. The nice switchboard lady tells me I need to go to the site in question and unsubscribe. This in spite of the thousands of web pages advising one NOT to – because it sends a signal that they’ve got a sellable e-mail address.

With a bit more polite questioning, I find that the person I’m talking to is in Chicago – which is interesting because as I said earlier, the email came via SavingsEngine.com of Chicago. So whom do I contact at savingsengine.com? priv_manager@yahoo.com or abuse@savingsengine.com?

I ask, and receive the phone a number, 866-769-8277. It is based in Florida where DetanlPlans.com is physically located. I’m told I need to speak to Evan Webber. Another interesting point because the tech contact comes up as a fellow Greek-boy named George Michaelides or george@DENTALPLANS.COM. This raises the question, is this email unsolicited? Does George know me from when I use to attend St.George’s up here in Maryland. Does he know my parents? If so, why did he email me at my work address? I NEVER sign up for ANYTHING at that address! And why did they spam me of all people?

It’s all very confusing to me so for now, But thanks to Sam Spades’ tracerouting tool, I’m just going to complain to their upstream provider at abuse@exodus.net – forwarding to them all the routing headers and hosting information I got in a matter of seconds via Sam Spade for Windows.

* EXCITING UPDATE * in two entirely unrelated emails, it looks like my financial woes are over, just as soon as I can get to the bank and help out some poor foreign schmuck move money out of his accounts. You may be interested in emailing these individuals as well, Check it out at:

Thanks guys!

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