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What Would Bjarne Do?

How could I possible have a Friday Fun thingie without at least mentioning Bjarne Stroustrup once? For those who don’t know, Dr. Stroustrup is the College of Engineering Professor in Computer Science at Texas A&M University – and the designer and implementor of C++. Almost 10 years ago, while in graduate school, Bjarne’s name would often come up as C++ was one of the key programming languages driving the object oriented programming revolution. I regret to say, in most cases, the good professor’s name was taken in vain. Mostly out of our own frustratoin that we weren’t as smart as he! Basically the comment “what would Bjarne do?” would arise on those occations when we felt our stupidity at work.

I recently recalled these thoughts when while I was standing in line at the local caffeine dispensary, two gentlemen behind me launched into a conversation about the installation of operating systems. One was bemoaning to the other the problems he was having installing Windows XP on an older laptop. It was soon clear by the amount of bad advise exchanged that these guys were probably successful in some other field of endeavor. Though I possessed a series of possible solutions, I just didn’t want to have to stop and explain the basics. That and I had the strong urge to yell “Just install Lycoris and be done with it!” Instead, I just moved along without saying a word.

Now I’m wondering if I did the right thing. Should I have offered advice? Should I have tried to explained to them the benefits of partitioning large drives and multiboot configurations. I mean, what would Bjarne do? Leave some comments and let me know if you’d pipe-in, shut-up or tune-out.


  1. Would it be rude to say that I would make my decision based on your perception of whether they have the resources (money, contacts, children) to find out the right answer themselves?

    Some people need to learn from their mistakes. Others can’t afford to.

  2. I’ve found its a little like the old legends: once you save them from the dragon, you are bound to them with an unbreakable cord. Every time Outlook Express coughs, your phone or email rings.

    Becoming someone’s savior is dangerous, but exciting business.