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Testing the Blogger API The

Testing the Blogger API
The Blogger API is a cool thing. Don’t believe me? Well, just check out this post. No not the post below, this one, the one you’re looking at right now.
Huh, what?? ‘What’s so special about his post Dean’ you ask? Well, it was all done with a few lines of code using XMLRPC::Lite. This means I can am no longer bound to the contraints of the user entry forms provided by MoveableType. Instead, I can code together solutions such as using Cron to post stuff I’ve written the night before during the day while I’m at work – and in turn getting the most visible pings on various aggregators. I can use various news feeds that scan for keywords to automagically post – though that’s living a bit dangerously for my tastes.
The point is, now that I’m posting programmatically, I am only limited by the bindings of bandwidth and imagination. Cool beans!

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