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Local Paper Closes Access

This has nothing to do with church or para-church organizaitons online, however, it is an excellent example of a bad business decision coupled with incredibly bad timing. On the day before everyone in Montgomery County would need access to news sources, the Montgomery Journal announced it was restricting access to paid subscribers.

Here is their take: “The Journal Newspapers on Tuesday began restricting access to most of its Internet site to subscribers only, joining a growing list of newspapers nationally attempting to balance access to information with the bottom line. … ‘We want people to be purchasing the paper’.”

Once again proving old media doesn’t get it. Why pay for re-hashes of AP wires, or content that yoru competitors are giving away for free – such as the Gaithersburg Gazette?

And why pay for the virtual copy of what you’re getting in hard-copy, especially if other competitors are offering the same local fair, such as the Washington Post?

Finally, and this is TOTALLY related to your church web site … how do you expect to charge without compelling content??? Read some of the articles and see for yourself.

You see, the dirty little secret to Web success is giving the customer what they want … and in the case of newspapers, and church web sites, that would be “compelling content.” If the one or two articles everyone read were really hot, then people would buy the paper … versus rehashes of the AP wire. Same is true for sermons and stuff. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt if the printed copy had some killer content as well.

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