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Jonah – A Computer Generated Fish Tail

I’m submitting the following article to /. Let’s see if they pick it up. Don’t hold your breath, it IS after all a Bible story – and we all know how well that’s received by said community:

Tomorrow, October 4, 2002, Big Idea will release a full-length animated film entitled “Jonah.” The movie will star a ‘not-so-garden-variety‘ cast of Irix/Alias|WaveFront generated characters such as Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato. After visiting their web site, and enjoying the trailers, I was a bit bummed to find that film has not yet been scheduled for those of us in the North East. A dissapointment for any of us with small children who enjoy “VeggieTales.” Still, it does make me wonder if we have another computer generated surprise like the Linux-driven Shrek?

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  1. If your review does make /. let me know. Looks like people are really enjoying this movie. Blog on!