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Church Scan

Something to munch on with your mid-week morning coffee: In 1997, Jakob Nielsen wrote that “79 percent of Web users scan rather than readJakob Nielsen, 1997. In May of 2002, the Poynter Institute released an people read news on the Web that corroburate this assertion as it pertained to online news sites [Eyetracking Study of Web Readers (Alertbox May 2000)].

Some of the findings might suprise you, such as:

  • Text Attracts Attention Before Graphics – more reason to rid your church web site of Jesus Junk.
  • Users were first drawn to headlines, article summaries, and captions – which is why you want to avoid rending all of your text in bold uppercase letters.
  • Keep Headlines Simple and Direct – in other words, Greek may be a great New Testement language, but it won’t help your online readers much.
  • Readers Scan, Then Dig – so make them headlines attractive, pithy and precise

I would urge each and every one of you to read these reports. Especially if you have yet to select a font and color scheme. But even if you have, this information needs to be considered as there are far too many church web sites full long pages that are tiresome, boring and otherwise unreadable tomes.

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