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Some Windows 2k Tools

I have yet to install XP. Call it raging paranioa, call it laziness. Win2k is a relatively stable development platform – so why at this point in time replace it?

That said, from time to time, I do need to tweak, clean or fix something that goes a bit wacky. Today, registry problems. If you’re in the same boat, may I suggest the LabMice – Windows 2000 Utilities. If that doesn’t cut it for you, or if you want to blow your foot clean-off with some nifty developer-oriented tools, perhaps the Windows 2000 Resource Kits Page will offer something of use. Then there are those “other” power tools I sometimes need.

Yeah, I know, I wouldn’t have these problems if I was using Linux. But getting my employer needs me to devo .NET stuff, so there ya go.

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