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rorriM elgooG

Here’s an interesting little something to start the week off with: elgooG.

Why not leave me a comment predicting how long it will take for Google’s lawyers to shut down this clever little parody? Here’s mine. If this gets picked up by the A blogs, 1 day. Otherwise, a week.

Or if you’d like, let me know what type of searches you come up with. Personally, it amuses me because there’s finally use for all the obligatory-but-useless “reverse string” samples in every beginner’s programming book.


  1. ?etis a’hannaZ ta siht dnif uoy diD

  2. Just so you know, Elgoog (the google mirror) has been up and running for several months now, and Google is well aware of our existence. As far as we can tell, they think we are pretty funny (which is good, ‘cuz we do too). Thanks for the link –

    Eric D. Fish
    Webmaster, Alltooflat.com

    PS: Keeping in with the spirit of things, you might be interested in perusing this: http://www.alltooflat.com/serious/cheese – EdF