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How Aggregating – Google to Launch News Search Site

Reuters reports that on Monday (today), Google will launch a new site for searching news from 4,000 English-language sources, from The New York Times to small-town newspapers.

The new service, appropriately entitled “Google News”, will be accessible through a tab on the Google start page and will pull real-time news from different Web sites around the world. News will be arranged under categories such as world, business, entertainment, technology, sports and of course, the good ol’ U.S. of A. (you should begin hearing Souza toons in your head at any moment now) !

YEEEE-HAAAAA!!!! Imagine the aggregator one could create to feed their web site? Especially if you were to combine tools such as the Google API (using something like SOAP::Lite) and the Blogger API (using XML-RPC)? Hmmmm … yo Keith … you busy? Feel like combining your XML-RPC tool with your aggregator? Imagine how irritating it would be for old media poops!?

Now I know how my 2.75 year old daughter feels whenever I tell her we’re going to the toy store!

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