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Squeeky Wheel

Something I haven’t mentioned all that much, is the importance of getting your site linked on other sites. Especially popular ones. Not only do they directly drive traffic to your site, but they can help you with your page ranking on various search engines and aggegators. The problem is, the web servants of these pages are not going to do it until you do one of three things to get their attention and affection:

  1. Engage the target web servant with some correspondence that is interesting and useful them, e.g. Glen & Paula Davis regarding some spam tactics;
  2. Come up with something useful and/or unusual such as Dave King’s Who Links Who aggregator, which I really need to move over to blogs4God.com;
  3. Or bug &/or beg your target until they relent, such as Bene Diction who is laying a guilt trip on me for not reciprocating his link to my site (and rightfully so !-).

Okay, you have marching orders, now be implementers of this blog instead of just spectators.

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