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PHP and the ADODB

We’ve been discussing language and databases over that the Meta Blog Initiative Discussion Board. One suggestion I offered was in response to someone who preferred Postgres over MySQL. I suggested we avoid such a potentially explosive religious debate altogether by using a code library that is all things to all database. Basically what I suggested was that if blogMD goes PHP, then we should consider the ADOdb Database Library for PHP.

With my Verizon DSL still down, my blogging time is limited. So allow me to direct you to a good article on how the ADOdb will allow you to add database connectivity to your data-driven web pages without concerning yourself too much over the variety of vernaculars implemented by the milieu of RDBMS offerings:
          The Melonfire Community: PHP Application Development With ADODB

Is it possible to do the same with Perl? Yes. But I’ve got work-work to do so I’ll cover that later today/tonight.

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