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Servant Oriented

Its about service folks. Its all about serving one another. I’ll even go as far as to say its about serving one another in the way you would want to be served. Which is why I am bothered by the fact that my Versizon DSL is still offline. Especially since I waited on the phone pfor 30 minutes yesterday just to get disconnected, then called early today, only to have a tech tell who’s poor English compelled me to repeat everything. My repetitions included an annoucement on their vioce system that said they were having outtages here in the near D.C. area – to which his reply was what I heard was ‘old message’ and that there were not ‘outtages.’ Which is similar to the ‘spiel’ what I heard on my 3rd call from a nice, cogent and well-spoken lady at Verizon DSL who said that all the outtages had been fixed – but fortnately walked me through a painstaking process to make sure it wasn’t a loose nut behind the keyboard causing the problem (i.e. user error). After enduring these flaming hoops with only minor smoke damage, this cordial individual then put me in contact with one of their network techs, all of which cost me another 30 minutes of my time for them to realize that they’re server is down! DUH!

Here’s a clue for any of you who happen to run a large national telecommunications company. I can understand you considering the user suspect first – as user error is probably the bulk of the issues. Even when those who call you identify themselves as IT professionals with network know-how. That said, if you already know you have just experienced a major network outtage, doesn’t it make sense to go around all your little servers in the area and double check to make sure they’re back online as well? DUHx2!

About the only thing more frustrating with all this was that I couldn’t order online, so I drove to my local Papa John’s to order a pizza. Not only did they NOT have a family friendly combination/deal, and not only did they make me wait 5 minutes to take my order (though no one was in line in front of me), but after dealing with their dumb menus that make the price-per-slice cheaper to buy 2 medium pizzas with 2 toppings and with a 2 litre bottle of coke – as opposed to one large pizza with no toppings – and after conceeding to pay more than I should, I was told the pizza would take 45 minutes. At which point I asked for my money back and declared that I was going to Pizza Hut. Perhaps I was put in a bad mood by the less than pleasant person behind the cash register (the word surly comes to mind).

Now here’s the interesting aspect of all this. The manager at the Pizza Hut noted I was a bit irritated. When he asked why, I found myself theraputically trashing his competitor (‘you know .. the one’s with the big sign on their window “Franchise of the Year”‘). The manager at the Pizza Hut was overjoyed to the point that he gave me the coupon bargain sans coupon, threw in bread sticks. The kid behind the register seeing my daughter was amusing herself doing windsprints (ah to be young again), engaged her in a quick race back-n-forth … and let her win. By the time that was all done, so was the Pizza – and to perfection I might add. On top of the box were SEVERAL VERY family friendly coupons. In fact, about the only thing the pleasant folks at Pizza Hut didn’t do for me was let me use their phone to call the Papa John’s and taunt them – er – I mean pose the following question:

                Guess where I’m buying my pizza from now on?

What’s my point? Consider the example of the Pizza Hut manager – then go and do likewise with your web pages.

Visit your pages, and see if you are a servant, or are serving some other need (e.g. ego, job training, fame by geeky gee-wiz types). If you are putting heavy loads on the shoulders of your users via variours methods of inconvenience often cited here, then you’re probably losing customers potential members as well. Too bad Verizon is about the only game in my town.