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hot naked under-aged teen sex

Is the above title as offensive to you as it is to me? Imagine my disgust and my righteous indignation when I found out that was the title to spam targeted at the pastor, music, and youth minsters of my church. After calming down, and having separate discussions with my pastor, an attorney and God, and after carefully understanding the underlying mechanics of spambots and how they differ from legitimate crawlers, I deployed the a countermeasure tool on an undisclosed location that has been marked ‘off limits’ to legitimate surfers.

This ‘booby-trap’ I use but is similar in concept to another popular countermeasure tool which you can use entitled: WPoison. Both WPoison and the tool I’ve employed combat the junk e-mail by providing a recursive set of links to pages of chaff to those junk e-mailers who regularly scan web pages, looking for target e-mail addresses to harvest. Both tools do so without ensnaring legitimate crawlers. My tool differs in that it provides quite a bit more referrer checking and recursively cycles ‘real’ pages as opposed to ‘virtual ones’. I’ve also hacked it by adding some bells and whistles to accompany a more detailed logging scheme via a mod to my httpd.conf file. Then again, I should also note that I’m a total CPAN junkie, but I digress.

A Common sense WARNING to each and everyone of you. Don’t deploy such tools until you do your homework. Talk to you pastor/elders. Definately talk to a professional attorney as laws vary from location to location. Most definately pray – it is likely God may not have called you to this fight as I feel He has called me. Even then, do so with great care.

My calling? For me, its personal. Aside from my pastors getting spammed with p0rn on a saturday night when they are trying to prepare themselves to His service. Aside from having 20 years experience and degrees in my applied field. I am a youth ministry volunteer. I have suffered the unenviable task of lending my technical expertise to a parent help unentangle their babe from such filth – that first enticed their little one in the form of spam.

If you are NOT called to this fight, and many of you WON’T be, then I would recommend that you to at least familiarize yourself Robots Exclusions Standard. Make sure any ‘contacts’ page containing email addresses are marked “off limits” using this standard. This is a ‘nice’ safe way of keeping some bots at bay. Then as an added measure, obfuscate the addresses so legitimate people with legitimate needs can be served by your church’s staff.

Hear my battle cry spammers – tremble in the knowledge of my King’s return:
For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her righteousness shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch” – Isaiah 62.