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Under, there outta be a law …

Okay, so I got distracted – GigaLaw.com: Are Pop-Up Advertisements on the Web Illegal?


Are pop-up ads illegal? A group of publishers suing Gator argue the company’s ads violate copyright and trademark law. Like so many areas of Internet law, the answer isn’t clear, but the debate has the potential to reshape online advertising.

My opinion: If you read the FAQ page over at blogs4God.com you will see that I despise Pop-up and Pop-under ads as much as I loathe spam.

Pop-ups and Pop-unders are nothing less than the spawn of satan … and should be reviled, despised, discouraged and eventually disposed as such.

By-the-by, News.com reports that Netscape 7 will not offer ad blocking capabilities of Mozilla. Hmmmm.

Vincent Flanders offers a pretty good example of bad design that involves a law firm, Flash and MysteryMeat – yeah, I know, there’s a punch line in there somewhere, but I can’t seem to get a hold of it – any takers?

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