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Crossing Over Into Morning

How lame is this? It’s 3:10am EST and I was again awakened by a cough I’m just about done shaking. Hhhhooooooooccckkkk-twwwoooiiieee! Yeah, sometimes I sound like the 43 year old poop my 11th grade Sunday school students tell me I am. But I digress

Anyway, I’m up now, working on an article for blogs4God regarding aggregators as an intro to IdeaJoy‘s Who Links Who tool only to find he’s griping about me not getting around to a bad tag that was Bene’s fault in the first place.

This all occurs after I’ve just spent the past 53 some-odd minutes yanking the log outta my eye here and fixing a database problem that arose as a result of moving the site. Appearently the comments in the Perl example in VerseScrape 0.1 gagged MT’s import routine. Which explains why I had to spend another 20 minutes fixing the Perlfect Search engine.

Anyway, so I’m surfing my standings at the myelin: blogging ecosystem as part of the aforementioned aggregator article research only to find that many of you out there are NOT linking to my site. And after I gave you the Christendom’s most definitive blogroll in the form of blogs4God! Hurt my feelings why dontcha!?

So now I’m consoling myself by looking at who else is on the list I know – you know, to schmooze them into a gratituitious mention. Instead, I see a name that rings a bell. Wil Wheaton – one of the sites Josh used to pick on when he was younger. I figure, yeah, this is gonna be lame, and click. Well there I find that Wil has gone super-geek on us as he has now crossed-over into Linux via Mandrake’s mind-numbingly-easy-install. So I figure I’d send Wil my favorite link on the topic, especially to share my favorite Linux humor link (which requies an adobe .PDF reader). In part to welcome him to the fold. In part to send a message between the lines that he’ll never be a real man until he successfully compiles his first Debian kernel.

I click on his ‘contact me‘ link only to see a minimally obfuscated e-mail address. Well you know what that means. I need to turn him onto Mean Dean’s Anti-spam E-Mail Obfuscator, which survived the move, but not so for the link to the supporting article because of the aforementioned database problem. Hence, my long, lame journey into night to heal my little corner of the blogosphere.

All of which proves Rosanna Rosanna Danna right when she pined psuedo-poetically about that circular queue we call life when she said “If it’s not one thing, it’s another!” Amen Sister! Amen!

* UPDATE * what happened to VerseScrape? Now I’m beginning to understand how Sisyphus felt.

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