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ActiveState Action … or Auction?

ActiveState – Corporate – News – ActiveState Expands Board & Founder Steps Aside

Boy, doen’t that headline says it all? I’ve had this suspicion – since last year, when ActiveState raised prices and gave their product line a very MSDN-like look-n-feel. Not just with their .NET friendly plug-ins such as Visual XSLT, but packages such as ASPN Perl.

I’ve used some their products. In fact I even personally own some of them, including their Perl Dev Kit. IMHO, a must for anyone like myself who wants to implement code across IIS and Apache with any reusability and reliability.

My suspicion? Activestate is a $9 Million dollar company. $100 is a big number to throw out there. Almost as if one were sending a signal to a large, unamed, Redmond-based software company that the acution has started.

As I said, I’m not some slathering MSFT hater, but ActiveState has had a long standing with members of the Open Source community. Just look at the title bar of your browser when you visit their page. Will this change? And if so, what impact would this have to core elements of the Open Source community such as the CPAN?

Let’s keep an eye on this one.

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