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Don’t Link to Us!

One of my biggest gripes about church web sites is the numerous times they employ bad theology to their websites. No, I’m not talking presuppositionalism vs. evidentialism. I’m talking the employment of bad techniques, gizmos and other stuff that gets in the way of a user.

From the excessive Flash animations to evil animated .GIF backgrounds, I’ve pretty much seen it all – well I thought I had. Here is a blog dedicated to a really stupid technique that – and I thank God for this – I have NEVER seen employed on any of the umpteen thousand or so church web sites I have visited:

Don’t Link to Us!

Basically, this blog records instances of web sites that just don’t understand that one of the foundational pillars of the World-Wide Web is the hyperlink. Instead, they come up with weird-convoluted legalese in an attempt to thwart you from linking. Or as is more often the case, these sites insist you can only link to their site through a single point of entry as opposed to what is known as “deep linking”. An example of deep linking is those of you who have tags pointing directly to the Mean Dean Anti-Spam e-Mail Obfuscator as opposed to my home page.

I encourage you to deep link, mainly because I’m confident that my content is compelling enough, and my navigation designed well enough, to encourage and entice you to visit the rest of my site. Needless to say, I don’t ever want to catch ANY of you on Don’t Link to Us!. Ever!

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