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Netscape 4 is 5 years old

I believe it was some time last week, Netscape 4.n celebrated birthday #5. Too bad, it wasn’t a euology. Hello, wake up and smell the Mozilla. It’s time to upgade! I mean it. Put down the remote for your betamax and go upgrade your browser. I understand there are some of you with old computers out there, but have you even tried to upgrade to any of the many newer W3C compliant web browsers?

And for you 180 Netscape 4 visitors of this site, I love you but did you know that Netscape 6.n is fun, free and feature-laden?

Of course part of the issue here is education. I even wrote Jeffrey Zeldman a couple of months ago that it would be helpful to us church web servants if the good folks over at the Web Standards Project would PDF together a nice little glossy brochure I could download from their site and insert in the church newsletter or bulletin explaining the benefits upgrading would have for everyone. Though he often replies to my emails, I haven’t heard back from him on this particular issue.

As for the 26 MSIE and 80 Netscape 3 visitors. You guys scare me. I mean, I don’t even know how to convince you. About the only anology that comes to mind at this moment is that of an outhouse in an era of indoor plumbing. C’mon, quit getting splinters and join the 21st century. Or as my 2.65 year old daughter would say … pppppppeeeee-yeeewwww daddy!

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