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Evil Marquee Tag

This one is going to be short and sweet. I’ve got a cold, a deadline at work, and blogs4God kicking my butt. That said, this one doesn’t need much enumeration, especially if you go and read Tim Powell’s excellent post on the topic of Marquees, Scrolling Banners and other similar gizmotchies that take your valuable and compelling content and make then unreadable, unsearchable and often unusable. In other words:
Why soooooo many church web sites think the “Jesus Junk” technique of the <marquee> tag is “cool” is beyond me. Of course someone will visit this site, mouseover/mouseclick the marquee, think its cool and put it up on their church’s website – and in the process entirely missing the of my post:

Don’t take your valuable content and hide it under a basket. Or in this case, compel the reader to sit around and wait for the message to scroll by a letter at the time. It may be cool at first glance, but quickly becomes irritating and ignored.

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