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Truth Laid Bear Hacked ?

It would appear that the The Truth Laid Bear, a site kind to us with several links and the purveyor of the Blogosphere Ecosystem has been hacked.
Either that or he’s gone prophetic and very Jakob Nielsen on us with a front page that dated
July 28, 2014.
NewsFlashToDean – it’s NOT A HACK – but rather a clever use of Bear’s site to talk about the present in past tense. Kudos – both on the cleverness of your blog and for freaking me out !-)
Update Bear writes back to read to the bottom – of course, being sleep deprived from launching blogs4God … well it wasn’t until I went back to TruthaidBear if I could figure out what type of hack/exploit was used – then and only then did I see the link at the bottom … DUH ! Being an MovableType user low on Java, I had an immediate sense of panic … my bad!

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