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blogs4God is open for business

Dean Peters
blogs4God.com announces their “Definitive List of Christian Blogs”
Washington, DC-MD-VA-WV – When Australian author Martin Roth added a small list of weblog-based web sites to his article “Blogging for the Lord” in April of 2002, little did he know that he was planting a mustard seed that would soon branch into a 200+ link forest by June the same year. Nor did he realize the work that it would spawn in the form of dozens of daily emails and site submissions. Enter the geek, Dean Peters.
When Mr. Peters, a computer programmer and technical author visited Martin’s site in mid-May, he immediately realized the need to automate the list and offered to help Mr. Roth maintain the list. By June, not only was Mr. Roth ready to accept the help, he graciously handed the list over to Mr. Peters.
On July 29, 2002, with the help of notable “bloggers” Bene Diction, Rachel Cunliffe and Joshua Claybourn, blogs4God.com will open its doors as the “Definitive Portal for Christian Blogs.” The site will offer a variety of user-friendly features such as moderated categories, reviews and ratings, a site-wide search engine and a daily blog on the front page.
As Mr. Peters likes to put it “there is no need for Christian bloggers to hide their light under a basket as long as blogs4God is around.”
You can visit the site, and even post comments at: http://www.blogs4god.com
Mr. Peters is a computer programmer who likes to share 20 years experience and Master’s degree in Computer Science on his blog HealYourChurchWebSite.com and was recently a contributing author to Vincent Flanders’ best seller “Son of Web Pages That Suck.”

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  1. Dean,

    Thanks for the word about the new “blogs4God.com”! It looks like a timely concept, with the explosion of blogs out there in cyberspace.

    May God bless,


  2. The site is still listed, at least in the title, as “semi-definitive”, though. The press release reads otherwise. The distinction is slight, but significant.

    Thanks, in any case, for your work on the site. I believe it is and will be a very good thing.

  3. Hmmm. Wonder who is moterating tech blogs? What are tech blogs doing in a such a list anyway? ;-) I like your definition of nerd, too.

  4. Great idea. I thought about doing something like this (really I did), but you actually did it.