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Evil Animated Gif Background

UPDATE – 04feb04 - The site originally reviewed (see Wayback Machine Archive) has since been healed. Good work!

Though I now attend a Baptist church, I grew up in the Greek Orthodox faith. I would like to go back some day, but not until Hellenic Americans and Greeky Greeks both realize that the issue isn’t about culture, it is about Christianity! Sound, scripturally based Christianity. Until said time, this second-generation American, sola-scriptura/sola-gracia type of guy is forced to wander in the wilderness.

Why do I long to go back? Beauty, honor, reverence. More than once I’ve wanted to ‘heal’ one of my beloved teenagers at Redland as they yack away during the reading of Scripture or the distribution of Communion. Not at a Greek Orthodox Church. As an alterboy from ages 8 to 14, I know just how Divine the Liturgy is. I still have the urge to stand when the Bible is opened for a reading. I long for the days when dreary ‘contemporary’ chapels will include icons, murals and other great works of art – as opposed to felt praise banners and plexiglass pulpits.

This is why it is so unfathomable to me to find anyone out of the Eastern Orthodox church present such a garrish representation of Orthodox Church and Bible Study Links (note, updated to reflect archive). This is something I might expect from … welll … a Baptist !-)

My personal feelings about faith aside, there are some serious technical issues about this site that need to be addressed – and healed. First and foremost, the evil animated .gif backround image. DON’T DO THAT! It is bad enough that the dark background hides most of the dark blue text, or that there are so many fonts and colors that it is difficult to figure out which is what, but please don’t irritate my eyes with blinking/flashing lites.

Other issues this site needs to address are the use of Java Applets for rollover buttons. A technology that is not only on the outs browser-wise, but is being denied by a variety of corporate firewalls. And once again, we find an image (of an Orthdox Cross) which is over 10kb in size. Once again, using the <img> tag to resize the image does not change the physical size of the image. And wait, is that Jesus Junk I spot in the form of an e-mail animated gif at the bottom of the page? ARRRGGG!

This web servant needs to ditch the 1997, Heaven’s Gate look and strip out all the gizmos, flashing gifs, etc and then find a sane color scheme and re-render the site so that it is readable. Once that is done, the person in charge might want to reconsider links such as “What the Bible Says About Worshiping With Non-Orthodox” and Are Orthodox Christians Saved? in light of Scripture such as Galatians 3:28-29 and/or Romans 10:9 & 10.

BTW, I have indeed found one or two Greek Orthodox churches that have their act theological together, unforunately the closest one is about 200 miles away from my home in Rockville, MD!


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