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Amazon.com Web Services

SOAP me up baby – it’s time to clean-out your old screen-scrapers with Amazon.com Web Services. Web what ? Web services , in its current definition, is using the existing HTTP infrastructure to allow computers to access functions, modules, methods, procedures and eventually data on another computer – even though the other computer may be an entirely different operating system and/or set of softwares. But instead of esperanto, they speak to one another via XML.

In this case, Amazon is exposing a small part of their overall system to you so you can create smarter links and lookups to books, and they can make money. If you’re thinking to yourself … hmmm … didn’t Google just get done doing this? Yup, in fact, check out Dave Winer’s GoogleBox example.

Obviously code-monkey stuff. I for one am going to see what I can do quick-n-dirty with SOAP::Lite sometime with in the next few days.

Yeah, I know I’m a day late on the subject, but it gives me a chance to provide a quick list of articles that go into gorier detail – in no specific order:

More links to come.

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  1. Hello,

    I was reading this:
    I think it could be a good introduction in AWS!

    My name is Calin Uioreanu, I am an enthusiast developer using PHP REST and Amazon WebServices. Over the last 3 months i created an online application mentioned in yahoo biz, cnet and zdnet:

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    Created with PHP, Amazon Webservices version 2 and using a caching layer. Features search, categories search (try searching for “digital camera” in the camera shop), 3-4 level deep categories listings, product features, reviews, chatting, and also product features and prices comparisons

    Calin Uioreanu
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