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Youth Ministries or Heresies?

Time to teach the few remaning high-schoolers that did not go on the World Changers mission trip – along with those teachers amongst us who are obliged to earning a living to support things like this site !-). Time for rest, reflection, prayer, worship.

Here is something to reflect: Mike Yaconelli: Ten Easy Steps to Guarantee a Successful Youth Ministry! You decide whether the author kidding or not. Either way, it indicates what we’re doing to insure no future for ourselves by conforming instead of transforming our youth by abdicating our role in defining our culture to the interests of various marketeers and their generated fads.


  1. That was a great link. Thanks so much. It sounds like the youth group in my former church.

  2. He’s definitely being sarcastic. I read some of his other columns. I really appreciate that he has the guts to say things that go against the grain. I see these things happening in various churches.