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Archie McPhee Nerd Test

Some satuday fun – today brought to you at my expense !-)

Not like you guys (and gals) couldn’t figure this out already, but yes, I am a total geekazoid nerd-boy. Need more proof? Why not take a quick surf over to the Archie McPhee Nerd Test?

The test offers fifteen simple yes/no quetions in two-parts – the second part of each question counts double. This form will automatically score and evaluate your Nerd Index.

I’d be curious to see anyone who can meet or beat my score – and YES – I answered honestly and still managed to pull a 109%!


  1. 81.3%
    Sorry I’m just not nerdy enough

  2. 102.57% – I lost a point for using my windows box. I knew I should have used the linux box. You still got me whipped.

    I guess I better get back to sermon prep. =:-] =

  3. Well, I was only able to manage a 30.6%.
    btw–I put up some thoughts on blogging and called it Blog tips on my log. Here’s a link.
    GraceAwakening Weblog

  4. Well, I posted a 31.9% score. I just KNEW it would be higher but I did not score really high on the second part of each of these questions, for the most part.

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