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JSBuilders: Javascript Generators

The other day, I was working on a project where I wanted to create a drop-down menu – only once again, I had forgotten the syntax! I HATE THAT! A quick google search (whom by the way finally got my site indexed correctly), for javascript drop-down menu generators was in order.

So many to choose from, many of them wanting my first born child in the form of registration with enough screens, questions and pop-up ads to gag a librarian. Okay, so I’ve sinned – I didn’t commit to memory the script associated with a <form>/<select> element!

Fortunately, I found one or two nice little sites out there with some nice little scripties that got me in, up and out the door. On such convenience is ricocheting’s JavaScript Generators and Builders. It was so simple, I just selected the type of script I wanted to build. Then complete the easy to follow instructions and let the JavaScript generator create the useful cut-n-paste code.

It ain’t the be-all and end-all of generators, but it had the one I wanted and needed – fast. Do you have a generator page you’re fond of? Don’t be selfish! Why not leave a comment letting us know where it is?

Posted by Dean at 07:30 AM

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