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Pascal’s wager

I’ve got an incredibily short, and busy week coding a tool that will programatically generating XML and XSD to handle data imports – with nothing more than a .csv file, a relational datbase and Visual Basic.NET. A language which has certainly changed since I begain using it back in 1991! As I told Vincent Flanders on the phone a few weeks back, there’s going to be alot of cussing, swearing and gnashing of teeth in response to changes in VB this time. Changes I like, but then I cut my teeth on K&R’s C and 8088 assembler.

Much-too-much to think about on a hazy monday morning. To wit, here’s some light reading I’m betting will go along nicely with the week’s first ‘cup of joe.’

Enjoy, discuss. More on church web design tonight.

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